Monday, February 1, 2010

U P D A T E.

it has come to my attention by my OH SO LOVELY sister [makana] that this blog is in need of an update. so here you go sissy, update coming. :)

in case you were unaware, i moved back to california on october 31st [yes i spent my halloween night on a plane] BJ'S restaurant happily took me back, and moved me up to take out. so if you ever need some delicious food to go, you know where to come :) i also now nanny for my oldest brother clif and his wife becca; watching my super cute niece kalea monday's-wednesday's. its super fun and interesting every week. we go to the park, we go to the mall, we have movie days and we just have fun. let me show you :)\

so she actually asked me to put this on her...after i told her that's what it does. haha.

and she let me put this diaper on her head..instead of on her bum 

and this is one of my FAVORITE pictures of us. 

so we have lots of fun every week, just laughing and playing games and taking lots of naps :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

O'ahu Adventures.

so one of my MANY room mates, Kelsey, just moved out here from San Diego. She's graduated from college and has decided that we are going to do all the adventures of O'ahu since me and her are the only ones in the house that aren't going to school. So on wednesday we drived to Kaneohe, well it was actually just before Kaneohe, and went to see "Wahie'e Falls". Let me just tell you, it was GORGEOUS. It was the first "real" waterfall that i've gotten to play in. the water wasn't very deep so it was a "shower" waterfall and was FREEZING. but so worth it. i can't wait for more adventures!

Friday, September 25, 2009


so on september 22nd i moved out to hawaii next to BYU-H. no, i am  not going to school this semester. i'm just chilling and taking some time to myself. i live across the street from my brother robbie. i am currently trying to find a job. its been pretty hard not knowing anyone and coming out here basically on my own. but i'm trying to survive. i live in a 3br 2 bath house with a big kitchen, living room, and nice size patio. there are 10 girls sharing this house. but it's all fun, i only have to share my room with one other girl. more updates will be coming.